Feather Flags


Create attention-grabbing bespoke Feather Flags with Solopress to help your business stand out at trade shows or leave a lasting impression with a foyer display. Personalised with your logo and branding, they can ensure your company gets the attention it deserves.

Please note the total pole lengths below:

– Small: 2910 mm
– Medium: 3562 mm
– Large: 4553 mm
– Extra Large: 5576 mm


Solopress Flag Printing
The Feather Flag is a flexible full fibre flag pole designed to give you a choice of pole sizes covering small, medium, large & extra-large that can accommodate three different flag shapes – Quill, Crest and Feather. With a wide range of base options to suit any surface & situation. The full fibre pole gives additional strength & flexibility offering peace of mind that this flag pole will always perform

Choice of four different flag pole heights – Small (2.8m), Medium (3.4m), Large (4.5m) & Extra Large (5.6m)
Full fibre pole
Choice of three different flag shapes
Multiple bases to suit all surfaces
Suitable in wind speeds up to 18mph/29kmh


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