Foil Business Cards


Silver and gold foil business cards can be a portable extension of your brand, so let it shine! Our specialist printing process brings out key elements of your design using gold, rose gold or silver foils – creating a unique and impactful business card that’s guaranteed to make a strong impression.


Let your personality shine with Solopress’ laminated business cards.

Business cards are vital for freelancers, expected from executives, and for everyone else, they’re a convenient way to exchange contact details. Our foiling can be applied with precise detail down to 0.5mm fine lines, allowing you to highlight specific details or lettering to stunning effect.

Use our handy online template to decide on the design, finish, paper size and type before finalising your order. Layered artwork files for foil finished items should be supplied with an additional layer, clearly labelled to show the areas to be rendered in either gold or silver foil. Once you’ve finalised your template, we get to work within 24 hours – or, alternatively you can task our team of designers to help with your artwork. We also offer free delivery on all business cards.


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