Laminated Flyers & Leaflets


When you need to let people know about your launch event or get people talking about your businesses’ products and services, laminated flyers and leaflets could be the perfect marketing material. With a protective coating that ensures your design is longer lasting, laminated flyers are perfect for grabbing and keeping your customers’ attention.


Order laminate flyers for your business or event and get free delivery.
At Solopress, we want to maximise the impact of your message, helping new people to engage with your business by getting your voice heard and your products and services known. Our medium is our range of premium quality flyers and leaflets that feature designs created by you.

Use our laminated flyer printing service and receive gloss laminated card and paper leaflets and flyers in sizes that suit your goals. Larger laminated flyers are perfect for display while smaller, slimmer leaflets make great menus, invitations information providers to take home and keep. There’s also the option to print and laminate on one side or two.


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