Loyalty Cards


Loyalty cards are a great way to show your customers you care. With the Solopress exciting range of loyalty card designs, available in a wide range of sizes and with stock delivered free to your door, your eye-catching cards will keep your customers coming back for more.

Please note: If you are going to be stamping your loyalty cards, We recommend either 380mic Pulp or our 457mic Kraft paper type.

Any other paper type will only hold permanent ink.


Now with next-day delivery, loyalty cards are a great way to secure repeat business.

Our loyalty card printing service is available in full colour on silk, gloss laminated, matt laminated, pulp, triple layer or kraft paper – it’s up to you to decide which best suits the look and feel of your small business. Whether you’re topping up customers’ caffeine levels with a free hot beverage, or offering your regular readers rewards for adding to their book collections, they’ll appreciate the opportunity to grab a discount and the inclination to visit you again.

Make your own loyalty cards using the Solopress simple online template.

When you’ve selected your preferred choice of paper, it’s time to start putting together the design with our online template. Select single, or double-sided printing if you’d like to get more information on the back, and don’t forget to include the number of stamps you want customers to collect in order to get their freebies or discount. Our team of designers can advise you on the look and feel of your loyalty card, and can even come up with something on your behalf. Once the design has been finalised, we’ll get to work on printing the finished product within 24 hours, and send it onto you with our free delivery service.


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