Metal USB Sticks


Give your customers a memorable piece of marketing, as well as a handy piece of office equipment, with branded metal USB sticks provided by Solopress. Choose your own design and get it printed onto a collection of USB sticks, which can be handed out at trade fairs and enrich your company’s brand power.


Create your own custom metallic USB sticks with Solopress’ simple online template
Give customers and clients something simple and memorable with Solopress’ selection of metal USB sticks. Customised to feature your choice of design, logo and contact details, these storage devices fit in the palm of your hand – but can still pack a tidy punch when it comes to advertising.

Personalise metal USB sticks with your branding

They’re available in your choice of colours and are made from plastic and aluminium for a durable addition to your marketing toolset. Your chosen design is impressed onto the cover using the latest laser engraving technique to leave a lasting impression in the hands of recipients.

Whether you’re supplying the sales team with handy data storage or giving customers a pleasant surprise at your next meeting or event, a personalised metallic USB will ensure you’re kept in mind the next time they need to plug in. The USB sticks are available in 4GB versions, which means there’s plenty of space for customers to store what they need.

To get started on producing your very own metal USB sticks with branding, visit our handy online template and choose your own colours and designs. Once the final design is agreed, we’ll produce the USB sticks you requested and deliver them for free anywhere in the UK.


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