Is Your Website Secure

If you have ever had had the unfortunate experience of having your your website hacked you will no doubt be aware of the feeling of vulnerability as the full awareness of the threat becomes apparent.

We have taken on one too many clients that have come to us in a state of panic asking us to rectify the damage an insecure website has done. But by this point the damage has usually already been done.

Once google has acknowledged a website that has been hacked their response will be to show a message in blue “This site may be hacked’ which instantly puts off any potential customers to browse your website.


It is quite common to think ‘my website wouldn’t be of any interest to a hacker’. But in truth hackers target large numbers of websites to exploit the websites users or reputation.

The most common method hackers will use is to target vulnerable websites and add their own spammy pages which will redirect your users to undesirable websites or websites that look like online shopping websites which then leads into identity theft if the browser purchases from them websites.

Once you have recognised your website has been hacked you need to take steps to diagnose and fix the problem, this is where we usually come in.

Our clients have piece of mind when it comes to their website security.

When building our clients websites we take security as seriously as the design and build of the website itself and is automatically built into the cost.

Some steps we take to ensure our websites are secure include….

  • All passwords are unique and strong
  • Ensuring all software scripts on your website are kept up to date
  • Server permissions are always locked down
  • We never use default usernames for your admin areas
  • One benefit of having our bank of cloud and dedicated servers is we can provide FREE backups and restore of your website from archives.

Vulnerable websites that hackers target usually have:

  • Badly configured content management system or extensions and plugins
  • Out of date or unpatched web server operating system
  • Badly configured web server
  • Infected computer or key log gin software on hijacked computer
  • Exploits in out dated browsers

If you think your website has been hacked or you would like any support, please contact us

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